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Making some “deerty” rice and I can’t help but wonder about the demand for antelope meat here in east TN. #eatlocal

I’d like to see this “statue” #Florida has issuing laws and regulations…
#30a (at Blue Lupine Beach Condominium)

#30a #nofilter (at Seagrove Market and Cafe)

Enjoying a nice dinner at the Destin Crab Trap after a day trip to Pensacola.

Visited the naval aviation museum and the lighthouse. Spent several hours going through the museum compiling a shopping list of aircraft.

We decided to attempt the lighthouse again, since it had been struck by lightning last time. It was open, but in the process of being redone. We paid our six bucks and headed inside.

After listening to the docent’s explanation of the tower and the 170 some odd steps we would need to climb, Brooke and I set off for the top. We only made it to step 50 before succumbing to our fears and turning back.

We looked out a window and mom shot a photo from the ground. When we got out, she showed us the window and we felt like total dorks; It was barely higher than the three sections of scaffolding that had been erected for the refurbishment.

Now we understand why they’ve started to collect admission at the front.

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#solarday #getoutstayout

It was just a regular departure, but I particularly enjoyed this #boeing727 taking off just before the show started this afternoon. #boeing #airplane #airplaneporn

Ready to put my @loweprobags Dashpoint to good use tomorrow at an Airshow.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I stand on principles. I went to jail for homeschoolin’, and my kids turned out pretty good. I’ve got four sons that made pro rodeo cowboys, and one daughter.

Walt Bayes

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